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Sending Parameter Setting

Please make sure the configration's correctness,because it will be straight effect the sending success rate.

You can set it from main menu—Settings—Sending parameter or sender setting—sending parameter.

There are five different areas

1. Basic information setting

Reply mailbox
It is used to receive the reply mail from the recipients,if it is empty,the mail will be replied to the sender who sent the mail.
Sender name
Write the name that the recipients can see it from your mail,or you can choose a random Chinese name or English name by the system.

2. Sending parameter setting

Sending threads—the larger number it is,the faster speed will be,but it will take more system resource.

The biggest receives of the same domain—the biggest counts send the mail to the same domain every hour.The smaller the number is,the lower probability your server would be closed, and the higher success send rate you will have.

The sending interval of the same accout—the interval when you using the same account to send mail.The longer the time is,the lower probability your accout would be closed,and the higher success send rate you will have.

Shutdown after send—If you choose this checkbox,your computer will be shutdown after send.

Disconnect the network after send—If you choose this checkbox,your computer network will be disconnected.

3. EMS

You can fill in the DNS address by yourself,when you choose "Get local DNS automaticlly" checkbox,you can't edit anything.If you can't get the DNS automatically,you can input it by yourself.

Note:If you chose the "Get local DNS automaticlly" checkbox,you need make sure your network is connect,or you can't get it.

4. Proxy setting
You need choose "Use proxy send" first,then you can set it.

Add proxy—there will display a dialog box,please input the correct information.

Delete proxy—Delete the surrogate information which you choose.

Import proxy—Import the surrogate information to the task from your local machine.The file format please follow "The imformation of file format".you can double click the information and edit it which you had import
Export proxy—Export the surrogate information to your local machine,the file you can save it as text(.txt) format
Clear—Delete all of the surrogate information from the list
Check—Check all of the surrogate's correctness

5.ADSL dial setting
We can reduce the shielded rate of your mail server,and improve the group send success rate by the ADSL dial.

You need choose "Doing the ADSL dial automatically when IP is locked" checkbox,then you can edit the below options.

You need input the options of your computer's network,the detail information you can refer the network administrator.You can test it after the configuration.

Testing—Check up the parameters information are right or not,please keep the network connecting.

How to build the link of ADSLdial,please enter to my website and check out.

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