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How to Manage your maillist?

Best Bulk Email Software:How to manage your mailist?

First of all,You'd better download this software:   Free Download

Secondly,Following the 4 Steps,then you can manage your own mailist easily.

Step 1: Starting the Best Bulk Email Software

  1.Press MailList”  button.
  2.You can edit your mail address as follows.

Mail List


Step 2: Setting up Mail Lists

1.Click “New”  button. Learn More...

Step 3: Mail Lists Management:how to import mail address?

1.Choose one of your mail list name,then Click “Import”    button.Learn More...

Step 4:How to Export mail address?

1.Choose one of your mail list name,Press “Export” button.Learn More...

Step 5: Subscribe or Unsubscribe by Mail

1.Click the button “Subscribe or Unsub” .

2.Or you can press to subscribe or unsubscribe.

3.At last,press the “Test” button to check your maillists.

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