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Editting Mail Content

The main interface of the program is the mail content.

If you want your mail to be different,you can insert variable into the mail text and title,it can avoid your mail send to the recipient's inbox.

The variable content contains:

When you clicking one of them,the variable will insert automatically.

There are three kind of view mode you can change below the mail content,which are web view、code view and text view.

It is the attachment area at the whole page's bottom.Click the "Add" button,you can choose the file from your local computer,then
all of the attachments will diplay in the attachment area,you can click the "Delete" button and delete what you choose.

Import webpage—Click the "Import" button and import the online or local webpage into the mail content,

Import online webpage—Input the whole website address,and click "Yes" button import the page.

Import local webpage—Choose your local webpage and import it,it supports "html" and "htm" file.

Save—Save all of current task information,you have to save the task before you send the test mail or send it to the recipients.

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