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Remove unwanted emails from your pop3 server

Easy to use, Powerful & Flexible Email Checker

Email Checker, allows you to remove unwanted emails (like spam, huge attackments) direcly from your POP server, without downloading with your email program. 

Checks POP3 Accounts against unwanted emails. It connects to your server, sends login and password information and displays a list of all messages in your account without downloading them. Then you can choose which messages you wish to remove. Includes filters to quickly identify unwanted emails. If you receive unwanted mails, spam or huge file attachments, you can remove them in seconds. Supports multiple accounts. Fast, compact and easy to use..

Check Mail is a very lightweight and easy to use "new mail" utility allowing you to check for new email messages in a single POP3 account. It is extrememly easy to use but at the same time offers some level of cutomisation - allowing you to be notified of new e-mail in a number of ways, a perfect way to check email, giving you the option to then launch any of the mail programs installed on your PC or even a webmail interface. Check Mail has been written with all POP3 accounts in mind.

Email Checker
Quickly identify unwanted emails.
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Trial Version Download (V3.3.6.0): Email Checker(V3.3.6.0)

Key Features of Email Checker :

Mass Email software Save connection time and money ;
Mass Email software The program can be configured to handle multiple accounts.;
Mass Email software You can define filters based in frienly/banned domains and rejection rules to quickly identify unwanted emails ;
Mass Email software Receive only the messages that you want to receive. Remove the junk ;
Mass Email software No more calls to your ISP to clear multi-megabytes attachments;
Mass Email software Very easy to use. The program simply displays a list of all the Email msg pending to download in your selected account. You will see the Subject, Size, Date, Origin, etc of each message (and if you wish, even a few lines of the message). Then you can select witch messages you wish to remove. Click a button and the selected messages will be removed ;
Mass Email software Compact. Developed with propietary tecnology.

Supported Platforms:
Windows Mail List Software Vista/XP/2003/2000/NT4/ME/98


Why Why Email Checker over other Email software?

There may be better check email notification utilities out there but you will be hard pressed to find any that are as small and packed with soo many features. Check Mail has been designed with both GetMail for Hotmail and GMail in mind and helps to compliment both these services with a flexible way of notifying you of new mail in your GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL inbox! Of course it can be used with any POP3 account not just GMail, check email with Email Checker. 

Consider these features that our competitors' software lacks or that are implemented in clumsy ways:

Compatible with any account that can be accessed via POP3 (the worlds most popular e-mail protocol);
Don't like my icons? Use your own!
Play a custom new email alert sound of your choice
Optional pop-up alert (Just like your favourite e-mail client)
A small program that uses very few resources
The option to launch a webpage and/or an installed full mail client
Discrete (Tray icon) existence

The Screenshot of Email Checker:

Email Checker

Free Download Buy Now ($39 Only $24.95) Review FAQ
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