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Our bulk email marketing program--IEMailer Bulk Email Marketing Software is totally safe to use because it does NOT use or go through your local ISPs email server. Instead, it turns your PC into your own private email server! It simulates the sending of the email messages to the server you choose, the same one you are verifying email addresses on. Like: - - - - - - etc...  

We are offering you the most powerful and easy to use bulk email marketing software on the whole market today. Our program is the ONLY product available online that can build and create a mailing list out from scratch as well as sending personalized email messages to each VALID email address at the same time.automate your bulk email marketing needs, and get it done on the fly.

There is NO cheaper or more powerful way or services to start marketing your web site or products online quickly more than bulk email marketing And we are offering you the best product on the market to get you started quickly using our bulk email marketing program Even the MOST inexperienced emailer can set up our program in just a few minutes, and once set up it can send many thousands of emails while you sleep!! The program does all the work for you, leaving you with plenty of time to count the profits from your bulk email marketing campaigns!

IEMailer Bulk Email Marketing Software

Count the profits from your bulk email marketing campaigns.
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Key Features of IEMailer Bulk Email Marketing Software :

Mass Email software Easy to use!
Once you select an email host from the drop down menu, or just type a new one in, such as or any other email server. Choose your email and connection settings or use the Settings Wizard to easily set it up, then Click on the Start Campaign button and the program does the rest.

Mass Email software Fast and Powerful!
Our Bulk Email Marketing Solution Supports multiple connections to the mail server you are working on, up to 1024 connections, which making it very fast and powerful.

Mass Email software Sends while searching (on the fly)
You can set the program settings to send an email to each address it validates, while it is searching (on the Fly). This feature completes the process of sending bulk emails in one easy step so that can be done while you sleeping!

Mass Email software User Friendly!
Our program is totally friendly and Allows you to save the progress of your bulk email marketing campaign status and search progress, which letting you to start again from where you left off at your convenience.

Mass Email software Safe!
The program verifies addresses from the mail servers being queried and does not go through your ISP's mail server. so there is NO any problems for you at all.

Mass Email software Intelligent!
By using our program If the email server interrupts the email connection, the program will reconnect to the mail server automatically and continue searching and sending from the same point.

Supported Platforms:
Windows Mail List Software Vista/XP/2003/2000/98/ME/NT4


Why Why IEMailer Bulk Email Marketing Software over other bulk email software?

When it comes to email advertising services and bulk email marketing solutions you can completely forget about other online paid bulk email marketing services out there and depend on our software IEmailer - Bulk Email Software to become your main tool to market your online business effectively.


Consider these features that our competitors' software lacks or that are implemented in clumsy ways:

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Unleash the Power of Bulk Email Marketing

By using Bulk Email Marketing Software you'll become miles ahead of your competition, As you'll be able to market your products quickly to help you double, triple... even quadruple your online earnings through your bulk email campaigns using only one of the Best Email Marketing Software's available online.

The Screenshot of IEMailer Bulk Email Marketing Software:

IEMailer Bulk Email Marketing Software

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