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Removes invalid , dead & duplicate emails

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Realva Email Verifier - Removes invalid , dead & duplicate emails from the email list and makes your list 100% clean.  This software is rated in top 3 in the world and is the most accurate email verifier available on the web today.

This Free software Checks email addresses for validity and removes invalid or dead email addresses from the email list using three levels of verification (Syntax, Domain and Server level checks). Comes with fast multithreaded engine.

Unlike other verifiers Realva Email Verifier connects via HTTP web server using a different port rather than port 25. So it works on machines whose isp blocks port 25 to prevent spam. Realva Verifier is the latest released software of its kind in the internet as on june 2009.


Email Validator

Checking email addresses for validity.
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Trial Version Download(V9.60) : Email Validator (V9.60)

Key Features of Email Validator :

Mass Email software Most isps block port no 25 due to prevent spamming. Most verifiers do not work in those machines with port 25 blockage. Realva Email Verifier connects via HTTP web server using a different port rather than port 25. Then it check a specific id and receive information from server.  This features makes it the only available working Email Verifier in market. This email verifier works as same as ISP's mail server. Realva Email Verifier can also detect disabled address.
Mass Email software User can import email ids from a wide range of file types (*.txt, *.csv, *.xls). This verifier can also extract email ids from a text file. Also it has rich export features (*.txt, *.xls, *.csv, *.rtf, *.html).
Mass Email software It is very easy to manage your list in Realva Email Verifier. There are many features like Drag & Drop list, Delete, Paste from Clipboard, Copy to Clipboard, Kill Duplicates, import / export wizard e.t.c for managing a large list. This is an ultimate tool for email address validation.
Mass Email software Realva Email Verifier has a multithreaded engine which makes it faster than other verifiers. you can specify the mutithread count to 10 or 15 as far as your system supports.
Mass Email software No need to be anxious with your privacy. Realva Email Veriifer checks email address with separate IP.


Supported Platforms:
Windows Mail List Software Vista/XP/2000/NT/98


Why Why Email Validator over other Bulk Email sending software?

email marketing softwares' email verifierSupport for the latest email standards: MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions), Quoted-Printable,SMTP authentication, Secure SMTP, and so on. While our competitors use tons of dialog boxes to ask you to configure various "options", Best Bulk email marketing software handles these concepts elegantly without you ever realizing it. Why force yourself to memorize dozens of eccentric terms in order to use a piece of software?
Sending highly personalized emails. Best Bulk mail merge software (bulk mailer) allows you to send personalized email to each recipient in your mailing list by using variables ("merge fields"); and it even allows you to send different/personalized attachments and images to different recipients in the same mailing list.
Resend your mass emails. Open your old task,just click "Send" button,our program helps you automate your mass emails.

The Screenshot of Email Validator:

Email Validator

email marketing softwares' email verifier Free Download Buy Now ($49 Only $39.95) Review of email marketing softwares' email verifier FAQ
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