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Creating and Managing your mailing lists

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It is so easy to use the Email Group Sender,just follow the below steps:

1.Insert the first and last name of each contact into the message template in one easy step.

2.Each message will be addressed individually to each contact, with each contacts information in the message.

3.Send private or secure information to multiple users at the same time.

4.Mail merge fields are now supported in the message subject.

Email Group Sender

Send personalized email newsletter in rich text to your mailing lists.
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Guiders for Email Group Sender:

  How to Send a mail merge press release or newsletter(without Word or Outlook)?

Key Features of Email Group Sender:

Mass Email software Personalize your newsletters and announcements;
Mass Email software Create artistic copy with a built-in HTML editor;
Mass Email software Configure time delay periods between messages;
Mass Email software Import contacts from Outlook and Exchange Server;
Mass Email software Extract email addresses from web pages or the clipboard;
Mass Email software Create and manage mailing lists

Email Group Sender

Other features:
1.Schedule delayed delivery times

Mass Email softwareSpread your campaign delivery over time to comply with limitations many Internet Service Providers apply to group mailings.
Mass Email softwareProtect your internet email account, and ensure that your messages
are safely delivered.


2.Load existing contacts from Outlook

Mass Email software Easily load contacts from Outlook, taking advantage of data you already have
Mass Email software Import email addresses from messages in any Outlook folder;


3.Create and manage mailing lists

Mass Email software Select an Outlook folder and instantly import email addresses
from all messages in that folder.;
Mass Email software Create rules in Outlook to search folders for messages with
subject lines of SUBSCRIBE LIST_NAME, and use PC iMail
to import the sending email addresses.
Mass Email software Automatically process UNSUBSCRIBE and Remove requests,
as well as 'Mail delivery failed' messages - a huge time saver!;


4.Build targeted contact lists from the Internet

Mass Email software Extract email addresses from web pages;
Mass Email software Extract email addresses from the clipboard memory.;

Supported Platforms:
Windows Mail List Software XP/2000/NT/98/95


Why Why Email Group Sender over other Bulk Email sending software?

Perfect Email Track Service;
Support for the latest email standards: MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions), Quoted-Printable,SMTP authentication, Secure SMTP, and so on. While our competitors use tons of dialog boxes to ask you to configure various "options", Best Bulk email marketing software handles these concepts elegantly without you ever realizing it. Why force yourself to memorize dozens of eccentric terms in order to use a piece of software?
Sending highly personalized emails. Best Bulk mail merge software (bulk mailer) allows you to send personalized email to each recipient in your mailing list by using variables ("merge fields"); and it even allows you to send different/personalized attachments and images to different recipients in the same mailing list.
Resend your mass emails. Open your old task,just click "Send" button,our program helps you automate your mass emails.

The Screenshot of Email Group Sender:

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