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Desktop Emailer Professional Edition is an affordable mailing list management software that allows you to send out high volume, highly personalized text or HTML email messages with unlimited attachments.

It works with any SMTP/POP3 mail server on any platform/ISP, it can manage an unlimited number of groups with an unlimited number of recipients and allows you to easily import/export your existing contact data from one format to another. Desktop Emailer supports database in the following format: text file, CSV, EXCEL and Access.

A typical mailing list management software will set you back between USD100 to USD350. Most vendors justify the high price by assuming that the end users will recover that amount back easily after the first mail out. But they fail to realize that not all mailing campaigns are commercial in nature or even make.

Desktop Email Software Professional

Send personalized email newsletter in rich text to your mailing lists.
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Trial Version Download (V2.0.106): Desktop Email Software Professional (V2.0.106)

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Key Features of Desktop Email Software Professional:

Mass Email software Send and manage unlimited number of emails and groups;
Mass Email software Create highly personalized HTML/ Text emails;
Mass Email software Handle bounced emails and verify valid emails with ease;
Mass Email software Multi-threading support for lighting fast delivery;
Mass Email software Built-in SMTP server in the Pro edition;
Mass Email software Easy database import;
Mass Email software Check bounced emails and removes them from your list;
Mass Email software Delete duplicate email address;
Mass Email software Query any domain for MX entry and find the best mail server that you can use to send out emails;
Mass Email software Professional version $79.99


Other important Features

1.Create and send text or HTML e-mails with any number of attachments easily

Mass Email softwareYou can create text or high impact HTML e-mails with images and add any number of attachments. You can either format or copy and paste the HTML source code directly, or use the built-in WYSIWYG HTML editor to show exactly what your message will look like.

Sending Parameters

2.Manage your contacts and send highly personalized message for each of your recipients

Mass Email software You can easily add, edit, delete, copy, paste, and do more with your contacts. In addition to the contact email, first and last name, each contact can be further personalized by adding personal information such as Job Title, Company, Address, City, Phone, State, Zip/Postal, Country and up to five custom fields.

Mass Email software This enables you to use any fields you have stored for each of your contacts and create highly personalized messages enhancing their impact even further. You can even customize the subject lines by including their names or any other custom information to grab their attention.

Mass Email software With Desktop Email Software, you aren't sending a bulk email; you are sending an email to #Insert Name Here#.


3.Create and Manage unlimited number of accounts

Mass Email software The Account Manager allows you to add new accounts, remove or modify existing accounts and more. You can add details such as the email you want to appear in the recipient From field and add specific reply address.

Mass Email software Other info that you can customize include the delivery type (direct or via SMTP), SMTP server information, and signatures.

Mass Email software You can associate any account with any group and use it to send out emails for the associated group.

Mass Email software While some of our competitors support limited number of accounts, Desktop Emailer allows you to create unlimited number of accounts.

Track Service

4.Keep your recipient details private and secure

Mass Email software A lot of email packages on the market will happily let you expose your entire mailing list in the headers (To or CC field) of the messages you send. Desktop Emailer will make sure that this won't happen. The only email addresses your recipients will ever see in the headers of messages you send them are theirs and yours.
Mass Email software In addition, all your recipient information will be stored locally on YOUR computer, not one someone server. This offers you peace of mind by knowing that you won't be held hostage by third party who could go out of business at any time.

Supported Platforms:
Windows Mail List Software Vista/XP/2003/2000/98


Why Why Desktop Email Software Professional over other mass mailing software?

You've probably been searching around the Internet for an email marketing/mailing list management solution, and may have discovered that most email management software are expensive or lacking the necessary features that suit your needs - not to mention, buggy.

Consider these features that our competitors' software lacks or that are implemented in clumsy ways:

Easy database import
Import existing contact data from TXT, CSV, Excel XLS, and Access MDB into Desktop Emailer.

Check bounced emails and removes them from your list
With Desktop Emailer, you can check bounced emails via any pop server from your account. Once such emails are detected, you can remove them easily from your contact list with a click of a button.

Delete duplicate email address
Automatically delete duplicate email address from your contact list

DNS MX Query
Query any domain for MX entry and find the best mail server that you can use to send out emails.

Signature Manager
The Signature Manager helps you to add, remove and modify signatures and associate them with any account.

Perform split marketing test
A split marketing test is simply the ability to select a number of contacts in a group to send email to instead of using the usual send to all contacts in a group. You can use this feature to test the effectiveness of an email campaign by testing it on a small group first before sending it to the entire group.

Save Mail Sent and Email Deliver Log
Save any sent email for future reference. In addition, you can save email delivery message log for diagnostic purposes in case any problem arise during the delivery.

The Screenshot of Desktop Email Software Professional:

Desktop Email Software Professional

Free Download Buy Now ($99 Only $79.99) Review FAQ
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