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With Blog Finder you can build unlimited, high quality, targeted backlinks to all your websites. Blog Finder is 100% no-spam search engine friendly blog commenting software that provides you with a great way to get backlinks for your sites without using any risky tactics that could destroy your search engine rankings. With Blog Finder your time for finding themed blogs and submitting comments to them is reduced to minimum. In a record time you can gain dozens (if not hundreds) of high quality backlinks, get your websites indexed naturally by search engines and attract more human traffic to your sites.

But to get your web page indexed, you must let the search engines' robots know where your web page is located. In other words, you need links, links and more links! And not just any links. Buying bulk links, swapping low quality links, or submitting to link farms will only lead to one thing… A Google slap and your website being downgraded or kicked out entirely from Yahoo and MSN… resulting in no rankings and even worse, no traffic!

It automatically seeks out high quality blogs that accept comments on the exact topics that you want. It brings up blogs with both DoFollow and NoFollow tags. It also recognizes the blogs of the MIXED type. MIXED are blogs that have both DoFollow and NoFollow links in comments. Some blogs are set so that the commentator gets a DoFollow link after minimum 5 or 10 approved comments. So, there is a mix of DoFollow and NoFollow links in comments on the blog. Plus, using Fast Blog Finder you can determine the domain PageRank and page PageRank of found blogs. 

Fast Blog Finder
locate related blogs in any niche you choose 
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Trial Version Download (V3.0.2): Fast Blog Finder(V3.0.2)

Guiders for Fast Blog Finder:

1.How to Build Links?
2.How to Start Guest Blogging?
3.How to Find the Opportune Moment to contact the bloger?

Key Features of Fast Blog Finder : the Internet for blogs that accept comments using the keywords or keyword phrases;
 2.  determine the domain and blog page PR;
 3.  determine the type of blog page ("dofollow" or "nofollow");
 4.  show the quantity of outgoing links on the page;
 5.  post comments on the blogs directly from the program;
 6.  load your own lists of blogs and determine the blog type;
 7.  create folders and sub-folders to sort blogs lists;
 8.  contains a built-in spell checker for the Comments box;
 9.  submit the pages that you comment on to social media sites;
 10.add blog domains to the blacklist and exclude them from search results;
 11.export blog lists to different file formats;
 12.reduce to minimum your time for finding themed blogs and submitting comments to them;
 13.dramatically increase search engines and human traffic to your web sites;
 14.boost your natural search engine rankings;
 15.gain dozens (if not hundreds) of high quality backlinks to your websites;
 16.instantly get the search engine spiders to your web sites and get your sites indexed naturally.

Supported Platforms:
Windows Mail List Software 7/Vista/XP/2000/NT4


Why Why Fast Blog Finder over other Blog software?

Maybe you wont' believe but there are tens of thousands, if not millions of blogs out there that actually want your comments on them… But searching manually for blogs that have page rank and discuss the right topic can be time consuming. Chances are, you will spend more time identifying these blogs than building your business if you were to search manually. It can take hours! Not any more.

Consider these features that our competitors' software lacks or that are implemented in clumsy ways:

type the keywords or a keyword phrase that you want to find blogs for and click Start
when the search is complete, select a blog URL. The page opens directly in Blog Finder.
post your comment and click Submit
open the next blog and submit the next comment, etc.

With Blog Finder it takes minutes to find themed blogs and submit comments to them. When you start using Blog Finder, you’ll get high ranking websites linking back to your websites.

The Screenshot of Fast Blog Finder:

Fast Blog Finder

Free Download Buy Now ($59.9 Only $49) Review FAQ
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