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Verifying the validity of e-mail addresses in mailing lists

Fast,Safe & Reliable Email Verifying Software

Now that we know this happens, it is wise to check the mailing list for the so-called 'dead' addresses every now and then, i.e. to "clean" the mailing list. However, since most email address verification programs take so long to process an average database, many managers omit this important stage. As a result, we get unrealistic expectations, which, in its turn, means direct profit loss. So, are we stuck here? No, not really! Introducing Atomic Mail Verifier, unique mailing list entry verification software, intended for lightning-fast automatic verification of e-mail databases of all sizes!

Atomic Mail Verifier (AMV) utilizes all three available e-mail address verification techniques allowing you to choose between the fastest check time and the highest quality of processing ("deep" mailing list cleanup). Among those techniques are e-mail address syntax checks, mail domain existence and response checks, and, finally, complete SMTP mailbox checks.

Atomic Mail Verifier

lightning-fast automatic verification of e-mail databases of all sizes.
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Trial Version Download (V3.33.0.51): Atomic Mail Verifier(V3.33.0.51)

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Key Features of Atomic Mail Verifier :

Mass Email software Full compatibility with Windows Vista
Mass Email software Quality detection of live and dead e-mail addresses
Mass Email software Understanding of spam blocking responses from mail servers
Mass Email software Fast three-level email addresses verification
Mass Email software Support of mailing lists of unlimited sizes
Mass Email software Progress indicator of completed job

Supported Platforms:
Windows Mail List Software Vista x32, Vista x64/XP/2003/2000/NT


Why Why Atomic Mail Verifier over other Bulk Email verifing software?

Loading mailing lists from Excel, Word, Access, DBF, text files, Windows Clipboard, Outlook Address Book
Multilanguage version - Spanish, Russian and German languages are included
Full compatibility with Windows Vista
Intended for lightning-fast automatic verification of e-mail databases of all sizes

The Screenshot of Atomic Mail Verifier:

Atomic Mail Verifier

Free Download Buy Now ($49 Only $39.85) Review FAQ


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