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“Hi, just another Thanks for updating the Best Bulk Emailer again and creating such a terrific tool, I use it daily and it's one of my most important programs I use. I used to use a different mailer but I like the WYSIWYG HTMLand other features in your program even better. Nice work - thanks!”

Eileen Wiggins

“I've always been impressed with Bulk Email Software and my experience has been nothing but pure joy.Best Bulk Email Software has been updated countless times, and each version becomes better than the one before, although I've never had any complaints. I once had a glitch after installing and the support staff answered my e-mails quickly and got it figured out within a day.I love this product and the updates too!"

Michael Maardt

“…now I can send up to 30,000 to 50,000 newsletters per day,thank you for your support and for your very nice piece of software”.
Anna Alpert

“I was always troubled with dozens of bounces and couldn't find any effective software to get rid of bad emails from my email marketing list. It is quite simple and doesn't need any special knowledge to start use your email verifiers, which are the most convenient ones. I'm also going to try your direct mailer.”

Charles Barry

“HI there, I would just like to say what a fantastic product! I just sent my first email campaign to my customers and it was as easy as can be! I have already had enough response from the emails to have paid or the software twice over.The most important is that this software has the Track Statistic function.It’s better than any other email software.”

John Gordon

“I have tried 7 different bulk e-mail programs. You have to be an IT expert to use some of them. Yours is the most straight-forward, and absolutely the easiest to use. And it can be used to generate virtually any e-mail campaign a company may need. ”
“Bravo on creating such a great product!!!”

Brewster Altenburgh

“I work as a Project Manager and Senior Business analyst for a debt collection agency in South Africa. We use your application to contact our base of debtors. Your application works like a dream... From the sending of the emails, to handling of replies/bounces etc. It is by far the best bulk emailer that I have used in my 9 years of using them. We, as a company, have gone through countless other bulk mailer applications, and none of them have been able to meet our requirements until, that is, we used yours. ”

Chapman Abate

“After a long search, I finally got a group mail program that I like. Its wysisyg html editing and macros processing capabilities are indead great. Keep up the great work on your software.”

Van Der Steen, The Netherlands

“I just wanted to take a moment to write and tell you how much we appreciate your service. You guys are always quick to respond and your support is excellent! We use the Best Bulk Email Tools on a daily basis and it is the greatest program we have found. It continues to be an invaluable tool in our marketing efforts.”

Mary Westheimer

“I have used Best Bulk Email Software for almost a year,it is very convenient except the potential customers could’t receive the e-mails I sent occasionally.In a word, the cost performance of Best Bulk Email Software is very well,especially for its lowestest price.Thanks.”

Cooper Bush

“After years of searching and trying out different email newsletter software,I think that I may have finally found ‘the one’---your software looks so great!”

Karrin Allyson

“First let me congratulate your team on developing this fantastic product. We have been searching for such a product for a long time and after we tried the free version, we knew we had finally got the performance and quality we wanted.”

Deborah Buck

“Just a quick note to say that this is one of the most well-designed and smoothest operating software packages I have had the pleasure to own. I wish Microsoft products worked this well.”

Richard Abrams

“I used Bulk Email Software as soon as I downloaded it and the program worked flawlessly. It was a dream, very easy to use. All of my recipients received their personal email messages and were very satisfied. Your product is outstanding and I look forward to using it often. Your customer service is also excellent. I wish you much success with your business.”

Choate Glen

“Best Bulk Email Software is an excellent product - powerful yet easy to use. I was sending hundreds of personalized e-mails within a couple of hours of installing the software.”

Kirby Burch

“The e-mail functions are easy to use and allow me to communicate with my members in a clear, concise and professional manner.”

Tania Leach

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