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Best Bulk Email Software is a Easy-to-Use Bulk Emailer to send mass emails and produced by on group of elites,who work at professional mail server development and Anti-trash Email rules.Meanwhile,which functions contain Email Marketing Sender,Email Track and Maillist Management.

Here we have some screenshots of the main features of our free bulk email sender--Best Bulk Email Software. As you can see, there is no main menu in Best Bulk Email Software : the user interface has been designed to be the easiest as possible, and fully intuitive.


'Home' window


Sender Setting


Recipient Setting

Best Bulk Email Home Window   Sender Setting   recipient setting

Send Parameter


Reject Address


Mail list Window

 send parameter    Reject Addresss    Mail List

Track Statistic


Statistic Data


Subscribe/Unsub Management

 Track Statistic    Statistic Data    Subscribe/Unsub Mangement

Task Management


Sender Parameters


Import & Export Recipients

Task Management     Sender Parameters    Import & Export Recipients


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