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  • Email Marketing Glossary
    Multi-part MIME Email Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) is an Internet standard format for email. Almost all Internet e-mail is transmitted in MIME format. Navigation This is moving click by click -around the Internet- from websi
  • Email Marketing Glossary-Four
    Hard bounce It is the failed delivery of an email message that is rejected and returned to the sender due to a permanent reason that cannot be resolved, such as a non-existent address, an unknown recipient or a domain that doesn't exist. He
  • Email Marketing Glossary-Three
    Email Campaign When you build an email and send it to your recipients using bulkemailtools this is defined as an email campaign. Your campaign may be a newsletter or may consist of offers. Some marketers may define a campaign as a series of
  • Email Marketing Glossary-Two
    CAN-SPAM Act The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act) establishes requirements for those who send commercial emails, describes penalties for spammers and companies who advertise their
  • Email Marketing Glossary-1 has put together a thorough glossary of basic email marketing terms and definitions that will make you look and feel like an email marketing guru as soon as you become familiar with them. A/B Split A mailing list is divid
  • 2 Steps to Top Google Ranking
    If you've researched SEO and internet marketing at all, then you know that the two things you need to put most of your energy into are great links and great content.Here are some things you need know about each: 1.Great content;2.Link Well.
  • 4 Tips for Email Marketing Beginners
    Newsletters might be a better alternative to sending bulk email and spam but the differential is this makes it more difficult to create. However, despite this fact, if your fundamental objective of sending a newsletter is true then creating a newslett
  • Email Marketing Tips
    Creating a survey that both interests and engages the recipient is of utmost importance. It can also be of great use as an e-mail marketing tool. There are many steps that can be taken to ensure that a survey elicits a clear, genuine response from the
  • Focus In Your Small Business
    Three quick tips for starting your small business.If you have the knowledge and information about marketing alternatives that will help you save money and drive more sales, then you can confidently decide what path you want to take and easily push asi
  • Advertising Make Money
    How to make money online?email marketing?online campaign?advertising campaign?The method is very important for the advertising.
  • Questions Before Send an Email compaign
    If youve been in the email marketing industry long enough, youre sure to have a horror story about an email campaign gone wrong. Whether its sending to the wrong list or sending at the wrong time, mistakes are going to happen. But they happ
  • The Advantage of Anchor Tags
    There are many organizations who choose to send a monthly email newsletter. There's nothing wrong with this frequency, but it does tend to lead to an overabundance of newsletter content at times.
  • A Perfect Email Compaigns
    In a recent Service In Action call at Email ACIA, they listed these four messaging must nots: No CSS Try to not cascading stylesheets or CSSs, instead do all of the text formatting inline within the HTML. Some ISPs will strip out CSS code.
  • Five Email Marketing Tips
    I wrote about building an email marketing list and you know how important it is to make sure you are creating a database of people who want to receive your updates and are most likely to act. It can take time to develop this kind of list an
  • Tricks and Secrects of E-Marketing
    Marketing via email is a tricky matter. It is powerful, but easily abused. It is easy, but really difficult. Hope these tips, tricks and secrets make it easy and powerful for you. Address Recipients with Their Name in Email Campaigns.
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