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How to mass a large number of email?

1.User email address information collected---email address spider
Buy trades e-mail address or use e-mail address database search tool on the target sites frequently accessed by e-mail address on a search through the "invincible mass-mailing machine" recipient address verification feature selected address information correctly and effectively, finishing back.

2.Ready to write email
Register as many different email account providers, such as gmail, etc.Self-built mail server you can quickly create an unlimited number of mailboxes, mailbox used as hair pieces, from the fundamental solution to getting free email resources, lack of applications and time-consuming, and send a limited issue of abuses.

3.Optimization of the message headers and content
Good email subject not only to attract users to the eye, but also to avoid the email was sentenced to be rejected as spam or discarded into the trash one of the keys.Email the contents of the design of more pay attention to technique.
Specific Optimization Tips

4.Configured to send mechanism and writing parameters
Letters using a variety of mechanisms, set the parameters match the letters, can greatly improve the success rate and send email hit rate.

5.And then sent directly---bulk email software

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