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The general questions of Best Bulk Emailer

1.Q:May I use the software before I buy it ?

A:Of course you can,you have 15 days for free trial.The software allows you to send 100 mails in the 15 days,meanwhile,the track service  can be used too.

 2.Q:After the probation expired or the 100mails  were used up,can i keep using Best Bulk Email Software?

A:You can still check out the task information ,but you can’t send any mails any more.

 3.Q:Is there any extra fees if i want to upgrade the software?

A:No,Only if you are the official users,you can ungrade the software for free all the time.

 4.Q:The technology support is free too,isn’t it?

A:Yes,it is.It's your right to enjoy the technology support after you bought our product.

 5.Q:When will we  get the register code after we  pay for the bill?

A:Once you pay for the bill,our cusomer service will contact within 24 hours.Or,you can feel free to contact us from our website./

 6.Q:Is “Best Bulk Emailer” a “spy software” please?

A:of course it isn’t.”Best Bulk Emailer”respect the customer’s privacy,and we strictly abide by the privacy policy.This is simply not a problem.

 7.Q:If I didn’t find the answer to my question,how can I get the help please?

A:If you still have other questions after reading our help document carefully,please contact us by our website:,and choose the way which is convenient for you.We will try everything we can to help you.

 8.Q:How can I make sure the version is the newest?

A:You can click the Menu—Help—Upgrade,the system will check the currently version automatically,then it will provide the upgrade information for you.

9.Q:If i want to install the newest version,do i need uninstall the old first ?

A:No,you needn't,what you need to do is just keep the old installation path,and the installation program will upgrade to the newest automatically.

10.Q:Which kind of format file does this product support?

A:Our product supports the text(.txt) and office excel(.xls) format.Want to learn more about the detail information,please follow"The information of file format".

11.Q:How much is Best Bulk Email Software?

A:If you bought our product,it's only $75 without any other costs.You can update it for free all the time.


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