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Why an email format,use the "@" instead of other characters?

E-mail is based on computer networks as a form of communication. Computer users can use networks to deliver e-mail, communicate with each other. E-mail can be carried out on a computer local area network, but also in the computer wide-area networks. To e-mail communication to be in the network file server (ie, computer) to create e-mail "post office." It is the center of an e-mail distribution center can set up the address for each user's mailbox. Someone can send e-mail to the mailbox, mailbox owner on the ground at a convenient time can remove him from the mail message. Here's "post office" is in fact a network file server, a set of database files. E-mail has a certain format. Widely used at present in the world of international interconnection network Internet, e-mail format, for example. It consists of three parts: header, message body and signature area, to: e-mail address of the recipient From: e-mail address of the sender Subject: e-mail Subject Headings (letter) · ↓ marks the end of sign area ----- ---- 1 for every Internet user account, there will be an email address. It is a very similar to the user home license number, email address, or, more precisely, the equivalent of you have rented a mailbox at the post office. Because the traditional letter is from the postman delivered to your doorstep, while the e-mail you need to view their own mail, but you do not have taken the door step. A typical e-mail address format is abc @ xyz, where before the @ is your own choice on behalf of your character combinations or code, @ followed by e-mail service to provide you with the name of the service provider.

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